SPF21 – From Guilt Ridden Parent to Happy Homeschooling Mom – Daisy Virtudazo

Watch another inspiring story on #JasSuccess as Daisy Virtudazo shares her journey to freelancing.

Daisy was a Physics and chemistry teacher turned call center agent. She’s now an online business manager and she homeschools her 3 kids.

In this interview, Daisy tackles a lot including;

✅ Her humble beginnings and the lowest point in her life that made her turn into freelancing
✅ How she earns 6 figures as a homeschooling WAHM
✅ What sparked her interest in Online Business Management for coaches

and much more…


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  • My time on earth is precious and If you love someone let them know hindi lang through words, through text kasi diba,iba tayo ng love languages eh merong iba gusto nila maririrnig nila yung iba gusto matatouch, iba gusto nila act of service, iba through gifts, whatever that is let your love one knows. That you loved them, kiss them, hug them, embrace them, send them a text that your mother that you haven’t called in a while, your dad, your siblings, your kids tell them you loved them or if someone is hurt you forgive or if you hurt someone just ask for forgiveness, kasi promise you’ll never know life is begun in an instant, you’ll never know kung bukas andyan pa sila or even ikaw kung andyan ka pa so that’s was one the biggest lesson na narealize ko na just be in the moment and be in the present.
  • The better questions is how will I get myself out of this situation. And then I realize na ok I can actually dictate how much I really want to earn and then nung narealize ko yung nag invest ako in myself through courses, attending free webinars talagang hinalungkat ko lahat because I want to specialize I want to earn more.
  • I can take control how much I want to earn and then it is not advisable though for everyone na magbibili ng courses pero at that time I needed to do that for me to be able to realize what I want and I don’t want.
  • Study more, invest yourselves talaga kasi nga para alam mo yun it’s not an expense eh if you think of the outcome of the results that will give you its investments so number one is to investing yourself talaga.
  • Its starts with the mindset,yung mindset shift I think its the biggest thing that help me more than the strategies and the discovery call pano mag presents its like how will you present yourself sa client ayan so, its starts with really understanding what their really needs are kasi if we do kasi if we ask questions in return those questions like its appear an expert on that matter and then dahil alam natin tinanong natin sila we get to will drill down sa needs nila, and then now na alam na natin ang totoong kailangan nila, we get the package to our services to make it premium so yun.
  • Surroundings yourself with those of people who had the symbols as you totally helps talaga.
  • I just want you to realize na you have the power to change your situation just let that absorb nyo for a minute. You have the power to change your situation,you just have to decide na you had enough I’m not gonna settle I mean once you decided that then you can take action kasi you have the pen to the story that is your life, buhay mo yan so write it and then live it the way you want it to especially now with the digital era we can really do anything so once you’re clear about that next is you can make start taking actions and they don’t have to be drastic just small steps basta sabi nga ni John consistently mong gagawin okay yun kasi eventually it will lead you to your goals di ba.
  • I think the easiest way for you to you know get to your goal sooner is by investing in yourself so it can be with courses that you see around that are inclined with your interest or another way is finding a mentor solook for the person who’s living the life that you want to live and try to imitate emulate what they’re doing and then tweak it later on to suit your life and your personality I think that’s one of the easiest.
  • You have to realize that your decisions matter, everything that’s happening in your life right now is happening because you’ve allowed It to happen in the first place so whatever situation you’re in isipin mo why did you get there it’s because of those decisions, small decisions that built up to that moment so you have to realize that you should not take it lightly and make wise decisions that talaga.
  • You have to consider kasi di ba with the freelancers ang daming lodis natin dyan and then may mga kasabahayan tayo and then later on nakita mo ay sila may progress ako wala so naingit ka,thats normal I feel that too and then again ako that I wallowing that for a while I need to feel it para mag kick in si Alpha brain na uy tama na allow that to happen and then reframe it not to tweak it into something positive okay sya nga nagawa nya yun siguro kaya ko rin, then reach out kasi most of them naman there very responsive and then yun nga eh you have to definite your definition of success what does success mean to you, time with the kids, business ba yan talagang super bonga yung career mo and focus on that once you defined your you found the definition of success like what does success mean to you focus on that para di ka ma drill and if may makita ka or mainggit ka okay fine and then how can you achieve that too diba.
  • Focus on your own timeline nga, parang ito yung gusto mo focus on your own timeline baby steps and eventually you’ll get there and last thing yung sinabi ko kanina which encompasses everything more than career more than,you know your kids or ano it’s about life. Our greatest resources is time so don’t worry too much about the past yung yesterday tapos na yun eh just learn from it and whatever you can grab on that use it in the present and then don’t worry too much in the future kasi it hasn’t happened yet pero prepare, prepare a bit but you won’t be you know caught off guard but really live in the moment because you’ll never know when your time is up or when your loved ones time is up so maybe after this live go hug your spouse, your girlfriend, your sibling, your son or your kids, your dad make them feel loved and if you’ve offended by someone or hurt by someone let know not just to also hear their side and then makapag forgive kayo, forgiving you know lets all forget each other, those hurt us we forgive those we hurt we apologize kasi life is to short to carry all this unnecessarily grudges talaga parang mas light lang diba parang happy ka your living the life you want and then you’re helping each other instead may sama kang loob dito, so yun value your time live in the now and then find your own definition of success and if I can just end it Jason and with this, this is been like dati kasi parang party life din yung motto ko eh wohoo live life to the fullest pero now to the one qoute that has helped me all throught those time is this one “start where you are, use what you have, do what you can” so di mo kailangan maging ganto para magawa ito, hindi mo kailangan bilhin to muna, ay bili muna ako ng laptop para maka work hindi mo kailangan maging somebody to achieve your goal just be the baby step, so again start where you are, use what you can. Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can and then may edit lang ako. Do it the best what you can.

Daisy’s Journey

  • She is the only child and raised by his father side with Lola and Titas.
  • Her family is all educators and they value education.
  • She graduated in BS Education major in Physics.
  • The first job after she graduated, she became a Physics teacher at the same time she also teaches chemistry, general science and with advisory class, where former Presidents Erap Estrada and Gloria Arroyo studied.
  • She quieted her job as a teacher and applied for a call center to sustain the needs of her family.
  • She worked 4 years in a different call center before she decided to stay at home.
  • 2012-2013 She saw Odesk/Upwork
  • Her first Upwork job was a customer representative outbound call in a Canadian client.
  • 2013-2104 is here lowest part of her life.
  • 2015 She started as a VA with 3 clients.
  • 2016 The breakthrough year of her life and realize what she did wrong and took the ownership of that.
  • 2017 She meets John Pagulayan, who taught her how totally change how she does things.
  • 2017 She also became an OBM or Online Business Manager.
  • She is now a happy homeschooling mom to her 3 kids.
  • She starts with her day with a cup filled. She chose her own schedule and homeschooling with her children.
  • Her affirmation: “Greater things are coming my way”

Q & A

Pero what is your thought process na you said you decided na you’re not gonna do this anymore when you were undergoing the training pero what made that parang you made the decision?

Its really the guilt na I am going to work na mahaba yung commute ang nasa mind ko lang were my kids na they’re growing up with the yaya not me at ang seen noong may influencer ng buhay ng anak ko yung yaya hindi ako, parang I can’t deal with the fact. I wanna be the main influence in my kid’s life, I wanna be able to teach them first more than anything else so parang tapos at one time parang mas gusto nung kasama anak ko yung second ko yung yaya nya.

Ang sakit parang ang sabi ko parang yung responsibility ng pagiging nanay napunta na dun sa yaya although ginagawa ko yung role as a provider as a mom pero parang hindi pwedeng ganon kaya nung I transfer upon a homes article of brother bo sanches sabi ko its resonated so much with me na this is the life I want for my kids na I get to teach them I get to be with them I get to be the main influencers in their lives talagang yung bond ba namin mas mastrengthen kaya right after nung training hindi na ako nag proceed. Sabi ko kay chubby, chubby is my husband pala sabi ko I cannot do this anymore.

Di ba double income kayo is it wasn’t enough at that time?

Hindi rin parang its a matter of choosing which is more important talaga eh so kung magiging single income nalang ang laking mawawala pero the urge to just raise my kids as a mom surpass yung need na kailangan big income will make do with my husband income and then will go from there so that’s what happened so nawalan ako ng work si bilog nalang gumagawa ng work.

What year have you seen Odesk/Upwork?

I started 2012-2013 nakitata ko na sya noon pa tapos okay gawa akong profile, kaso diba ang daming gagawin nakakatamad totoo ba ito eh may work pa ako nun, so I only go back to Odesk or upwork pag yung kadramaham ko sobra naman hindi I will make this happen parang ganoon tapos balik sa work balik sa work pero that time an situation called for it eh sa bahay lang ako so sayang yung time so naghanap ako. I brought my profile in Upwork and then I took test. Ang una ko palang naging job, kasi yung kinumplete ko yung upwrok profile ko wala paring nag invite so sabi ko ano kaya ang pwede ko pang gawin saan ba ako magaling sabi ko I can speak well siguro pwedeng magturo ng English so ginogoole ko literal English jobs from home lumabas si rare job I don’t’ know if your familiar para syang, yeah rare job and then dun ang tinuturaan ko ay Japanese clients na parang conversational English, grammar, business English so masaya sya in away kaso its not enough kasi parang 120 per hour ako and then booking system sya. Lets say mag oopen ako ng slot 9-12 mag iintay ako minsan walang magbobooked at kung may magbobooked man last minute.

When are you starting as VA?

I started 2015 at nag start ako mag VA, dumami ang mga clients ko na mga May 2015 and then I even though saw your ad at nakita ko iPM you I don’t know if you may recall parang yung ad mo is earn 80k from home four hours a day so iPM you right away sabi ko “hi Jason almost ganoon narin ang earnings ko pero hindi four hours a day its sixteen hours” sabi kong ganoon. I think you invited me to be data tester.

Are you a wonder mom or wonder moms.

I am just a mom with a big Why and its all by God’s grace that we are able to survive it even like all of us di ba if you look back at their lowest moments ma survive mo diba na kahit walang wala ka, na survive mo and its because God is lifting us through those time parang ma survive natin yun. I know I did something I took action definitely pero without his help and guidance and I wouldn’t.

Can you share some of the small things like that you changed because you mentioned di ba like you were living in the present at that time?

When it comes with finances naman kasi parang you know common source na parang pagiging powerless namin we became very intentional with how we stand our money so diba yung formula na usual is parang salary, expenses, save, kami talaga wala. And we became intentional na salary, savings, free yourself first and then the rest yun lang ang pakasyahin like sa expenses or something basta lang meron kaming pang rainy day fund. I don’t want to say emergency kasi parang negative framing so yun, positive rainy day fund na and then so it doesn’t want to be big enough na kung ano lang ang maitatabi you have to set an amount siguro 20 percent of each di ba ilang clients, so marami na yun and then if you can increase it a little every time and then it helps its yung small babys steps nga.

And then another is really investing in myself when I say pay myself so I’m saved so another way is by kasi okay I analyze and I begin kung anong ginagawa ko ngayon and I still wanna do this if no okay anong gusto kong ang gawin next and then naghahanap ako ng free kung meron kasi the problem with that is ang dami and then if its free parang its take it for granted in a way diba so parang naghahanap talaga ako ng trustworthy na alam mo yun mentor na gumagawa ng course and I invested in that yun.

And then third is yun nga just being mindful na whenever bad things happen mahilig kasi akong mag wallow eh na prang paawa effect kasi I need to cry I need to let emotional ako in that way need to feel it na talagang to the core of my bones and then okay tama na Daisy OA na and then reframe it na parang okay how will you get, that’s a question eh how did you get there, how will you get yourself out of that situation and then yun isipin ko na and then yung solution ba dun sa how will you get yourself out doesnt have to be big parang yung una din ano ang pinakamadali mong pwedeng gawin na now na, kasi kapag oh ito ganto, parang ang dami kong plano, hindi now na parang alam ko kung ano ang next step, then the next step that you can do to change your situation yun ung ginagawa ko.

How do you get into that kind of frame of mind to make that shift from “oh you know I feel sad I’m so pitiful because it’s happened into looking at it and saying okay what can I do at this point”?.

Okay, so let me go back during that time I had I was grieving pa nga pero kasi sometimes I think that moment was parang its really the only choice eh I have alam mo yun, kung mag wawallow ako at mag self pitty mode unfair naman sa husband ko and then wala naman kaming maasahang iba so and also I think what helped is because I was raised by an army of strong independent women like my aunts and lolas na parang okay you know. We definitely need to grieve you know those emotions are all right but then you have to just know for yourself eh iba iba tayong ng timeline pero okay your greiving pero at the point you need to know, you need to stop kasi otherwise kasi what you focus on expands if you just keep focusing on the negative on so kawawa or walang you’re just gonna attract more scarcity more problem so you have to realize that you need to stop.

And then paano mo mababago ganoon kasi iniisip ko like even now na parang hindi naman ganoon kadrastic yung mga nangyayari sa buhay ko, thankfully, thank you lord kapag may problema inaacknowledge ko talaga yung feeling na naiisnis ako naiinis ako, iiyak ako, kakape ako, naiinis ako I need to let myself feel it and then pag na feel ko na sya ang tatake-in na si brain na parang okay what do you do next kasi the world will not stop the world does not care if ganyan ka and meron kang family to support so anong gagawin mo I think that what helps me keep you know move forward just acknowledging it allowing myself to feel the feeling and then let go and then think of ways to change my situation.

How do you manage your time homeschooling your two kids and then work in the afternoon may natitira ka ba na lakas?

Yes, meron pa naman kasi nga yun eh you have to start with, what kind of life do you want to live what’s your goal. What is success mean to you, for me ito yun eh like even though hindi ako billionaire or something this is successful for me and then again nga priorities, priority kung mag homeschool eh and then kasi yun nga homeschooling its not school at home so you don’t segment the subjects what happens with me especially the elder kids ko matanda na sila they can learn independently na.

So si Twet nalang kasi mag gragrade one sya but if you think about it sa elementary grade one to grade six let say sa grammar paulit ulit yan pati yan what is a noun, verb, adjective, pronoun diba paulit ulit sila and then what will have multiple aged kids you just increase them intensity or yung level of difficulty oh si Twet mag noun ngayon si DJ grade 4 noun na naman ito para sa paragraph na alam mo yung ganoon you can combine subjects and then integrated yung lesson let say ang topic is a cycle of butterfly that topic alone ang dami nang subjects meron nang science, vocabulary comprehension, may math like ilang days from egg to caterpillar to ganun and then may art, you let them draw and then may history find books about you know butterflies.

Homeschooling is not school at home its a lifestyle and its an extension of parenting and so even though the lesson are done na for the day, kasi sabi ko from 1 pm tapos na homeschooling is isn’t end there because homeschooling taught about the relationship that you have in your kids the interactions that you do with them daily.

Its amazing kasi right now they’re aware na they see the value of work like my daughter she makes a painting and she aproach me na parang, mama diba you do courses can I do this parang uo nga noh diba entrepreneurial, I wanna raise my kids to be entrepreneurial minded and then homeschooling really allowed me to help support them to pursue their passion early on palang nabuibuild na gumagaling habang bata palang walang wasted time. I think that’s the one thing na kaya siguro nahihirapan yung iba ma picture kasi akala nila oh 9-10 math 10 to ano, no I make my lesson integrated para relax ayoko ko kasi silang mapressure learning should be fun di ba so let them worry about that sa college pero now if you look at it like years from now with those math works sheets really matter gusto mo bang maalala ng anak mo na si mama lagi akong sinisigawan di ko alam yung multiplication ng 8×6 di ba it wont matter.

What will matter is yung relationship mo with your child, so yeah kaya sya doable cause I make it integrated and then yun nga dahil filled na yung happy cup ko I can do work more productively kasi wala na akong guilt feeling na naku di ko yata naturuan so my cup is filled as diba sa morning the cup is filled as me sa morning naman ng 9-1 my cup is filled as a mom and a teacher.

I do my thing as they see the, you know OBM or whatever sa hapon and then before sleeping chika chicka and then what helps pala yung kasi si chubby bilog kasi he really very supportive me all throughout this process, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. Siguro nakikita nyo sya kasama ko sya sa mga events, he will be more active soon, dahil sikat na sya kasama ko sya sa mga meet ups.

Can you share your blogs, homeschooling group?

My blog is the homeschoolingwham.com or para mas madali since we’re all on facebook just search happy homeschooling moms.

Do you have a helper doing for household chores?

No we don’t, we used to noong nag cacall center pa ako dalawa pa siya pero kasi yung na experience yung manakawan, muntik ng makuha ang second daughter ko, so parang I couldn’t risk it, even after that incident we had helpers pero nawawala sila pag mag advance and I think now kasi my kids are grown na so we don’t need it. I mean part din ng homeschooling yung everyone is included in the dynamic sa work life parang okay, may eldest son siya yung maghuhugas sa plato sa morning at dinner, yung daughter ko lunch and merienda, si Twet taga set ng table parang its part eh that ano na HELE if grade four so parang yun na, yun everything is incorporated in real life in homeschooling. It’s not what you think it is na you know yung common misconsumption.

Nagkaroon ba sila ng formal School? 

Twet never did like si Krisy, Si Tweet since birth homeschooled pero my two eldest they were school at once kaso what happened was na bore sila and then alam mo yung pag daan ko sa school one time ang sinusulat sa board “isang daan apat naput apat isang apat na putlima”, sabi ko may gosh relevance tapos isang beses sabi nila sabi ni teacher H daw sabi ko no baby di ba parang the basics, I’m a teacher so I respect teachers pero parang ganun na parang sabi ko ay siguro naman kaya kong turuan Physics yung naturo ko sa high school siguro I want to may set up naman and then once you realize its not really just another educational option its a life style its an extension of your parenting mas ma gragrasp mo sya guys. So join na kayo sa group.

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