SPF19 – From Medical Representative To Chatbot Master – Neil Reichl

Watch this #JasSuccess episode as Neil Reichl shares his inspiring story.

Neil was a medical representative turned Chatbot Builder And Premium Accountability Group Leader

In this interview, we tackled a lot including;

✅His transition to freelancing
✅How his 2015 became his ultimate test of grit and courage
✅His challenges as premium accountability leader

and much more…

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Notable Quotes

  • Di ako pwedeng makipag kwentuhan na makipag kwentuhan.  Dapat may mangyari sa akin. Dun ko na discover yung podcast.
  • If I get to consume so much content dito, sabi ko, eventually matututo din ako. Yun pala, meron palang downside din.  Sobra kang na aaddict naman na matuto lang ng matuto, wala ka namang na iimplement.
  • Yung pagiging entrepreneur hindi pala sya dapat sobrang complicated, or technical.  It just has to sell, it just has to fill a gap, a void.
  • 2015 sabi ko, gawin ko na nga itong mga pinag sasasabi nitong Jason Dulay na to.
  • Dun ko nakita yung potential to make money from home.
  • May mga cliente ako na 5 dollars isang article. Ang first earning ko in a month, after several months of trying, was parang 3 thousand pesos.  And then later on 10 thousand pesos, and then later on naging 20 thousand pesos.
  • I started investing na rin in courses with communities.
  • If I make X amount, tapos put a little sa investment sa learning, mas tumataas na yung rate ko.
  • Ang usapan lagi with the client is, how many hours will it take you to finish the job.
  • If you guys are charging nasa 2 dollars per hour, 3 dollars per hour,  Wala kang gagawin sa profile mo, just change it right now to 10 dollars per hour.  And you will start getting invites.
  • People started to perceive you differently na parang, ah OK, 10 dollars.  Ibig sabihin, or 20 dollars, ibig sabihin magaling to.  Definitely may ibubuga talaga to, kasi di sya maglalakas ng loob na mag charge ng ganon.
  • So guys, wag pamurahan. If you can charge competitively, go for that.
  • Learning was really addicting  and implementing is really hard.
  • Dun ako napunta sa Master Class ni JTL, John Pagulayan.  And that’s when the mindset shift happened na.  Nakikita ko na yung value ko sa client na asset pala ako. Di ako expense lang.
  • Kahit puyat ka, kahit wala kang internet gayon, pero dahil gusto mo, gagawan mo ng paraan.
  • Honestly, yung kay Jason Dulay is the best way for you to get there.
  • Sabi nila, kung wala ka pa raw budget, mag take ka daw muna ng free course. Ako ngayon ang nakikita ko is, if wala ka pang budget, mas dapat mag take ka na ng premium course.
  • Right after enrolling sa VA Bootcamp, humataw ka talaga.
  • Makita mo yung efforts mo, ang bilis ng progress mo.
  • If you are already doing this as a VA.  Ang unang lang tanong is, “Gusto mo ba talaga to”.  Gusto mo ba talaga that you get to spend your time working from home. Hindi sya madali as it looks.
  • Ang tanong lang tagala dito is, gaano mo sya kagusto.  Kung talagang gusto mo sya, hindi ka mag take ng mga free courses lang.  You will take a paid course na.
  • If you are also thinking to leveling up na your VA skills from VA to Ninja VA, Ang isipin mo is paano ka kaya makaka pag deliver ng more value sa cliente mo. Yun ang una mong isipin.  What’s in it for the client, before you ask for a raise dun sa rate mo.  Or before you start increasing your rate to the next client that you are going to speak.
  • If you go for the free course, you are giving yourself an excuse not to take this seriously.

Neil’s Journey to Freelancing

  • Niel is a graduate of University of the Philippines.
  • From 2004 until 2006 Neil worked as a call center agent doing client support.
  • Niel’s dream of having a car lead to his first job at Glaxo Smith Klein as Medical Representative.
  • His job as a Medical Representative entailed  daily traveling  to places like, Baguio, Pangasinan, La Union, Bataan, Zambales, Pampanga.  Almost covering the whole North Luzon.
  • He, later on, moved to work with Johnson & Johnson’s pharmaceutical division, handling antipsychotic medicines.  He enjoyed his job working very close with Psychiatrists where he learned a lot about influencing behaviors.
  • Niel mastered his career as a Medical Representative.  He was granted a brand new car and he received awards and travel rewards for his outstanding performance.
  • Due to the nature of his job, Niel traded long waiting hours at the doctors’ clinic for a few minutes’ product presentation time.  Thinking that there are better ways of spending the waiting time, rather than chatting with people around him, he spent his idle time listening to podcasts.  He took so much pleasure in absorbing information from podcast to the point it became his companion during his average of 200 km a day traveling on the road.
  • Niel felt that if he gets to consume so much content from the podcast, eventually he will learning something that can change his life path.
  • In 2013 he got seriously inspired by Pat Lim and later on the same year,  started to follow Jason Dulay.  Niel didn’t hesitate to send private messages to Jason and was thrilled of Jason’s timely and constant replies to his inquiries.
  • The year 2015 was a mixture of joy and turbulent year for Niel.  The joy of expecting their most awaited new member of the family.  And the devastating news that he lost his job.
  • Niel and his wife started selling their very own concoction of ice candy.  Every day, Niel would dress up as if he is going to an office, carrying the styro box full of special Mady’s Ice Candy to sell to schools.
  • Still in his podcast, messaging Jason Dulay,  Niel realized that getting obsessed with just learning without being able to implement what he learned is pointless.  That is when he decided to enroll in Jason Dulay’s course.  It is not until he finished and courses and started earning from UpWork that Niel was convinced that it is not impossible to earn from home.
  • After trying niches like podcast, youtube, periscope, Niel learned Chatbot and finally took Chatbot as his specialty.
  • Today, Niel is a celebrated and sought-after Philippine Chatbot Master.

Q&A Highlights

1) Will updating the UpWork profile be done per week or two weeks?  Will the changes be done 1 point at a time?

Whatever you wish to do.  Just do an update. Don’t over analyze about it.

2) Bakit Riechl ang surname ni Niel?

My parents are both from Batangas.  My boligical father’s surname is Oriondo.  My parents parted ways when I was still very young.  My Mom remarry an Austrian man who adopted me and gave me his surname.

3) Anong skin care routine mo?

Wala, nung high school ako sobrang dami ng pimples ko.  Nawala lang sya lahat.

4) What made you stick with Chatbot?

One thing that made me stick with Chatbot was that the people I trust, stick to it and believe in it.

5) May impact ba ang bagong Cambridge analytics issue ni Chatbot?

Honestly, we do not know yet.  But I trust that Facebook messenger have a huge opportunity when it comes to Chatbot.  What’s happening right now is nilalatag ang rules, inaayos lahat pati yung mga back doors.  And making sure we all comply to the rules.  I have the firm belief that it’s not the end of Facebook messenger marketing.  It’s probably just the start of putting in their play book what we will really followed. Marketing at it’s core, that whatever platform it is, the same laws of marketing will still apply.

6) If may pause contract tayo, makaka affect ba sa JSS natin?

May effect sya, pero medyo matagal pa yung effect nya. For the mean time habang naka pause, hanap ka pa ng client. Or, inform the client and request kung pwedeng end muna yung contract and create another contract pag meron task na bago.

7) Chatbot – bawal pa din bang mag add or connect new ones to Facebook from scratch?

At the moment, you can’t build a new Chatbot from scratch. The work around is, if you have an existing Chatbot, build around that.  And as soon as the pause has been lifted, you can just transfer that Chatbot to that new page.  So techincaly there are no delays that will be happening.

8) My UpWork was suspended,  can I use the hacks?

Having duplicate account is prohibited in UpWork.  An out of the box thought is, if you have a wife, a brother or a sister, why not create another account under their name. Using exactly their profile, including IDs, bank account. The only thing that is different is that you are doing the job. It is similar to subcontracting. But make sure that clients meet the real registered person and inform them that someone else is doing the job.

9) Can a Newbie make a profile in UpWork prior to taking the VA Bootcamp?

Finish mo muna yung Bootcamp.  Para malaman mo yung mga terms of services ng UpWork and maiwasan mo yung suspension.

10) What is a Chatbot?

A Chatbot is anything na pwedeng artificial intelligence na gumagamit ng Software para sumagot ng mga repetitive questions. Later on, we are expecting na Chatbot can be as smart na pwede cya makausap like any individual. Pero ngayon ang best na nagagawa ng Chatbot are FAQs.

11) Ano ang secret na recipe ng perfect na ice candy?

Ang secret na recipe ng perfect na ice candy is check lang what is proven.  Simple trial and error lang. Ako, chocolate pa rin para sa mga bata.

12) Ano yung time line bago maka kita ng 1st gig ang isang Newbie?

Depende sayo.  Kung trial and error ka na sariling sikap, pwede kang abutin ng taon.  Pero kung gusto mo na siguradong hindi ka na maliligaw.  Mag take ka na ng paid course na may community. Honestly, yung kay Jason Dulay is one of the best ways for you to get there.


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