SPF17 – College Dropout Turned Digital Nomad and Online Entrepreneur – Eleazar Jose

Be inspired as Eleazar Jose (LJ), a VA Bootcamp graduate, a Roadto100k Masterclass Wave 1 student, one of the new part owners of WFHR and co-owner of a Freelancer Placement agency, shares his inspiring story.

Touching base on how he started working online in 2011, failed in 2015 but got back up in 2016 and is now running his freelance business and agency while living in Thailand.

Watch this interview to discover more about LJ’s success and find out;

✅Exactly how he started as a part-time freelancer specializing in WordPress web design and development back in 2011 while in college.
✅How he got hired by WordPress.com to work for them on a short-term project that generated him a 6-figure income back in 2014 while working in the call center.
✅The #1 reason that he burned through that 6-figure income and lost it all in a matter of months back in 2015.

and a lot more…

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Notable Quotes:

  • What I want to talk is how people, how our community, how Filipino’s can fast track their freelancing success this year. Especially those newbie’s, those who been struggling a lot, I been in your shoes so I’d like to share my top 7 Secret Hacks on How I got to where I am right now.
  • Someone who was 20 years old, I didn’t have the right mindset, who was born poor, I didn’t have a lot of things in life yet. So I wanted to get everything I could get and I almost burnt it all.
  • There was a very big turning point in my life when I realized that I had to make better decisions in life.
  • I sought out people to help me, I think just by chance in Facebook there was an event just in Manila, to treat more on personal development event.  That how it started. I found my mentor, the people I followed, the time that I wanted to change my life, my thinking and I didn’t want to get stock in the Call center for five years.
  • The main reason why I achieved that success is because I took extra steps, I do things differently and seizes all the opportunity given.
  • If you are going to invest on something there has to be a return of investment. Otherwise that’s a liability.


Eleazar ‘LJ’ Jose Journey to Freelancing  

Digital Nomad and Online Entrepreneur

  • In 2011, he graduated from High School and entered college take-up Engineering.
  • He was from Davao Philippines, and went to Manila for College at UP Diliman
  • College was really a struggle for him and he failed to finish his course. In his very first year in college he never had good grades and became not interesting. He planned to shift in Business or Accounting course. But end-up to be college dropout.
  • He had technical skills particularly in coding back in college. He became curious on how technology works, he became intrigue on how to put colour in the screen, shape and images.
  • After being dropout in College, He started to explore real world. He applied in the Call center and got hired. He worked in the Call centre for 4 years.
  • While working in the Call center, he became a part-time Wed designer, got opportunity to work WordPress.com and earn around 6 digits income, he was only 20 years old that time. He lives his life to fullest #YOLO. He never had a right mindset that time, burnt all what he earned.
  • By chance he found a mentor to follow that makes him realized to have a better decision. He doesn’t want to be stocked in Call center and jump start in to freelancing. He wanted to work online with less typing. He prepared everything, building portfolio, website, and sample projects. He is specialized in Facebook Marketing focusing Facebooks ads.
  • Until someone sent him invitation and got the project in building website and email marketing that paid him $1500. That was a start of new era for him, he resigned in Call center. He took a risk to change his environment.
  • He went back to Davao late 2016 and set up his work station there. While doing his freelancing career, his attention was caught by a man advertising in Facebook about earning 80k a monthly. Enrolled Va Boot Camp, but actually brought it for his mom because he wants her to do freelancing and work at home also. But she was very busy with her work. So he just took the course instead and it was an added knowledge for him and got to increase more clients. He also organized Davao meet up for WAHP network. He do regular monthly meet ups.
  • March 2017 he attended 3 different events and meets up, meets a lot of people, influencer, and had a chance to meet Jason Dulay and WFHR community. Then after different events and meet ups, he enrolled in wave 1 Road to 100k Master Class. It ended in June 2017, and he hit already the 100k income before it ends and get his ROI 4x.
  • May 2017, He officially started as a staff of the Work for Home Road Map. Practice his Facebook Marketing skills with clients. He joins different facebook groups.
  • He focuses in Facebook Marketing, but he had to let go of his old client, because it was not his focus anymore. VA’s staff, Spotify staff, Video editing and Social Media thing have to let go. He has to move out on UPWORK.
  • August when some contacted him from April event, they talked over the phone, sit down with a coffee and planned for a while and that was the time Placement Agency idea was born. It was a placement agency for VA’s and Creative Freelancers. This helps the VA’s or freelancers to find high value clients.
  • September 2017, he found a post from a Canadian client who talk during the April event that he attended. Without presenting any portfolio, projects, or anything he was being chosen by the client and offered to live and work in Thailand for FREE.
  • October 2017 he became a Road to 100k Wave II coach.
  • He was being offered to be a part owner of WFHR and he accepted it. In January 2018, he started his first day of being a part owner of the WFHR.

Top 7 Secret Hacks on how to Fast-track Your Freelancing Success This Year.

By Eleazar Jose “LJ”

Mindset Hacks.


  • Abundance NOT Scarcity


I had to change to my thinking of my life, my attitude, the status quo, because it wasn’t working for me. I would consider myself someone who didn’t want to be a product of the factory of life, so I didn’t want to be a product of the system, the normal system. That’s why I change my mind set. From being in the Scarcity mindset, in the YOLO mindset, in the trying to look rich but actually broke mindset, I went into abundance mindset. What was that mean? For the Abundance mindset, you are trying to attract, you are trying to attract wealth, by changing your believes in life rather than being in the Scarcity mindset.

Example of that was CRAB MENTALITY.


  • Change your Mindset, Change your Income


When you change your mindset or Increase your mindset then you change your Income. When you change your mindset your not going to be limited anymore  in that job that you have or in the current situation that you have right now because you are already in the abundant mindset. So you want more in life, because either you have a promise or goal to yourself that you want to achieved or you want more in life so that you can help other people. You can try to do it by attending some kind of personal development seminars and events.


  • Logic NOT Emotion.


Example for this was smoking, when you want to stop that.

With this kind of mindset, Changing the mindset about that, what is the logic? When encounter that type of mindset making logical decision not emotional decision, when I smoke there is a emotional decision because of stress working in the Call Center.

When logic came in immediately I switch and quit smoking and made a promised to my self that I will never return to it. It was very illogical, health wise and money wise.


  • Your Words Become your reality.(affirmation)


If you believe in this, if you believe in affirmation, and the law of attraction. When you keep on attracting good things, you’ve want to say them out loud.

If you wanted to earn like 100k per month, write on a bond paper and stick it on the wall.  Saw it every day, Reading it every day in my mind, seeing it every day, So to fulfil this specific goal and promises.  Your words become you reality.

Skills Hacks

  1. Invest – You have to invest for something to get something out of it. Exchange  of value. Make the most of your investment.
  2. ROI –  Practice, Apply, and Execute. If you are going to invest on something there has to be a return of investment. Otherwise that a liability.
  3. Repeat –Do above again.
  4. Unquestionable Proof – Your online portfolio must be a rock solid and without a doubt even if you have no experience.
    1. Case Studies –  For yourself as your own client. Good or bad result, document them on video.
    2. Google Search-Freelancer’s Best friend. Everything in Google.


Niche Hacks


  • Start asking – start conversation with foreign prospect, Confident + Shameless. Keep on asking.
  • Find or create the solution – Research be creative. Back it up with case studies or samples from others.
  • Follow the money – Success! Rinse and Repeat. Choose the niche follow the money, where a lot of people willing to pay a lot more.



Client Hacks

  1. Charge high, your public rate has to be higher than average so that client’s will notice you and take you seriously.
  2. No client, no problem. You are your own client so work for yourself first and create your own personal projects portfolios, website, facebook page etc.
  3. Go to events, meet new people, talk to them, talk to your seatmate, talk to the speaker/s talk to the organizers.
  4. Mention the names of the influencers you follow when applying. Borrow authority and credibility from the influencers.
  5. Follow foreign influencers living in the country. Stalk them like hawk but don’t be too obvious.
  6. Study client’s language, tone, speaking style, reverse psychology, study how client’s think. Put yourself in the client’s shoes.

Health Hacks

  1. Ask– your family members as to what health conditions and diseases they have.
  2. Awareness–Research about that and see if you are at risk or close to.
  3. Prevention – Immediately use logic to change habits and make better choices.

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