008 Successful Pinoy Freelancer Podcast From Bahay Kubo to Freelancer CEO Allie Pasag

SPF 008: From Bahay Kubo To Freelancer CEO | Maritess “Allie” Pasag

In this inspiring #JasSuccess Interview you will discover how Maritess ‘Allie’ Pasag went from Bahay Kubo to Freelancer CEO. You’ll surely be inspired and encouraged as she shares her Freelancing Journey with FLIP.

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 Notable Quotes:

  • When you do good with your clients napaka generous nilang mag bigay ng referrals.
  • I learned na kailangan pala talaga may savings kahit papano. Hindi pwedeng walang wala talaga.
  • I mean freelancing is a good business even the VA companies it’s really a great business, profitable business sya pero stability I think you would agree. Stable sya in a way kapag yung client mo long term na pero they can drop you like a hot potato.
  • When you’re doing work from home reputation is very important.
  • When I started,I really didn’t know anything. Wala akong alam sa real estate, hindi ako ipinanganak na marunong na akong mag WordPress. Wala akong alam sa mga bagay na ‘yan. As in I learned it by experience so yung sinasabi nila na “I don’t have any experience kaya hindi ako makakakuha ng VA job.” No, it’s how you present yourself. I think I really think it’s how you present yourself and how you find ways to help your client more.
  • We can do a lot of things even when we’re really thousand miles away from our clients and since I think it is a good trait of Filipinos na we are very resourceful and very accommodating we’re very friendly. Hindi mahirap sa’tin to personalize the service that we’re offering.
  • It’s not easy starting an agency, starting a team especially when you go through experiences like that na you get betrayed at times.
  • It’s not the fame. It’s not the money. It’s the acceptance nila tapos yung feeling mo na you’ve touched them and you’re able to help them in your small little way. So yun yung the best talaga na feeling.
  • “You don’t need to be great to start but you need to start to be great” so yung procrastination nyo yung iniisip ninyo na ‘I am not this good hindi ko kaya yan.’ You don’t need to be great lahat tayo pinanganak pantay-pantay tayo. You just need to keep moving forward. Pag may challenges another hurdle lang yan but you need to keep moving forward that’s what you need to do kasi it doesn’t matter how many time you fall and fell flat on your face what matter is the number of times that you got up you learned from your mistakes and you moved forward.

Allie Pagan’s Journey to Freelancing

  • Smart, Humble, with Patient, Intelligent-Life
  • Undergraduate Engineering from UP
  • Came from a poor family living in a growing very small community
  • Got early married
  • Become a successful business agency owner

Allie Pagan encountered ups and downs in life. She was getting sick when her father passed away and her husband decided to resign from work to take care of her. Despite the experiences happening in her life, she remained strong and think of positive ways of how she can earn while stays at home.

In 2005, she started as a part-time freelancer in oDesk. It wasn’t easy for her to start the freelancing because she had no idea that the client is legit or scam. After several times of sending proposals, the right client came in and she landed the job as full time earning 3.5$ per hour, which is enough to support the needs of their living. She did her best on the job as a Virtual Assistant. As the client felt she was loyal to the work, she was offered to become a business partner with the client. She was asked to look for a developer as it is needed for the business. She had a friend who has knowledge in creating websites who helped her too in putting up their ongoing business and made an agreement with the income. They purchased the resources as it needs such as a secondhand computer, air-conditioner and a space for an office and were able to start the business right away. The small-scale center business runs smoothly until Allie noticed that her friend was being unfair in terms of work and income. She doesn’t want to burn bridges from a friend. So they parted up the business and let him continue what had been started for and initiate it in her own way.

Allie had also an account with 10 VA’s. She also has another client who is a fan of her because she always does the job well. She was referred by different clients to her client, so this was the one had told her to start her own business. That was a year back 2009. The client paid Allie 5$ per hour and treated her like his little sister. She has helped him with a lot of things. So he was happy for her. He gave Allie a gift deposited to her account to buy MacBook. She was really surprised and almost fell down from the chair.

On the other hand, Allie’s real estate business with the client was suddenly down due to property preservation. She helped the client to overcome, but were all failed in the business is not doing smoothly. She also has encountered that her VA betrayed her. She had shared her knowledge, doing pieces of training, to help in order to reach their goals, but unknowingly, VA took her client. She concludes that freelancing is a good business even the VA companies, it’s really a great business, profitable, but stability is she thought you would agree. So after having a business, it is important to have separate emergency funds that worth of the expenses.

Currently, Allie already has two houses into which the other unit made had it their business office. She aspires newbies into freelancing, not just selling yourself into different services you can offer to the client, but rather how freelancer can help the client.


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