007 Becoming a Millionaire Freelancer John Pagulayan

SPF 007: Becoming A Millionaire Freelancer | John Pagulayan

The Email and Internet Marketing Expert John Pagulayan shares his journey with FreeLancing In the Philippines (FLIP) in this Successful Pinoy Freelancer Podcast. Find out how he hit the 6-digit dollar earnings per year and be inspired by John’s success story and learn some expert’s tips to becoming a millionaire freelancer.

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Notable Quotes:

  • Well, the first thing is you will sure always invest in your business. Diba kasi we always parang kita niyo tong bago kong work station etc. tapos hindi naman siya nakakakuha ng clients. It doesn’t make sense diba so if ever before na medyo gipit sa pera if I was gonna make an investment I make sure that it’s either contributing to my business or else pag hindi, hindi ko say binibili.
  • Say for example in a business you need to get leads diba. You need to get people that you have to talk through para maging clients and one thing that  I can use is that yong alam mo yong mga scraper my ego scraper ganon so back then I didn’t have that. So when I got the money kahit yon pa lang yong extra money ko I bought the scraper alam mo yon like things that would help make your business easier because once you’ve done tapos smooth running yong own business mo you already highlight yong someone to join the website for you alam mo yong mga ganong bagay and now you can start yong sa mga tipong luho.
  • Kasi to be honest like laptop tapos writer lang naman tapos yong laptop yong pang gaming na sobrang laki na kala mo naman diba ano kala mo ikinayaman mo yon porket may laptop kang malaki it’s not ano diba you’re a writer at best yong pinaka aabutin man nong ano is google docs yon na yong parang pinaka solid na.
  • People are more concerned about how they look to other people rather than really you know masabi lang na mukhang okay siya mukhang mayaman siya mukhang ano siya mukang okay naman yong business niya with in fact your business is suffering because you’d been investing to this other things hindi naman karapat dapat diba.
  • So what my day is my day starts with I wake up the best thing you can do for yourself is throw away your phone the moment you wake up, throw your phone away tapos have breakfast exercise take a bath build a routine.
  • So first one to two hours of your day build your own business. Focused on getting those clients. And then next that’s the time that you build their business kasi yong pinaka focus na time mo should be reserved for your business not other people’s business. Yon yong meaning about productivity and how I plan my day and someone asked us how much do I work in the day sometimes three-four hours mga ganon so pwede na.
  • When you’re ready you’ll feel it when you’re ready like you’re ready to accept that you can’t do it alone that’s when you get a mentor.
  • But true the matter is if you don’t look for clients they’re not gonna to show up. So find clients, talk to them find out what their problems are, help them and then you offer your services and that’s the kind of like simple formula for getting in the industry.


John Pagulayan’s Journey to Freelancing

  • An engineering undergraduate from Manila.
  • Came from a middle-class family whose father is an entrepreneur.
  • A man who use to hang out with friends.
  • He was working into different kind of jobs that he could think he can earn for his own. He worked as a bagger, barker, repair balls in billiards and even a clown.
  • He worked as a call center agent because it’s only industry who accepts undergraduates. He was promoted as a trainer and stayed in the industry for 8 years. He was earning 30,000 then but is not possible to reach his dream of buying a car and a big house with that wage.
  • Learned about freelancing while searching the net.


Q&A Highlights

How do you hear about freelancing?

I searched in the internet about how making money online. I was so shocked reading that they’re earning thousands of dollars in just a month. I was then curious how they go about it and it focused on my attention was blogging and affiliate marketing. I studied on my own about how its is going to be working and it takes me many months to study. My friends are telling me to quit for I am just wasting my time with it. My willingness to earn in freelancing like others did, didn’t affect me by my friends advices. I was blogging all time, 30 plus articles, then there is such a man who liked my blogs and asking me to send him WordPress premium theme. That started my journey of earning thousands of dollars now. He’s the man who took me up the to the first step of how successful I am now. They were offering me a big opportunity building an email, more emails, they even called me an “email guy”.

So what was really your niche?

We’ll I remove myself from emailing and went out into general copywriting. I have a foreign mentor which I paid him higher and trained me in his program. So not merely we’re in the two months, but I was already earning 200,000 a month. It was really funny, I have no website, no portfolio, no certifications and undergraduate. What really changed in me is my mindset in the freelancing and it’s exactly how I learned from the training. We shouldn’t put in our mind that Filipinos will go to pay this certain amount. As long as you know your skill much, you will know how they are going to pay us.

Are you still charging per hour at your job?

There is a place for hourly work, but if you’re bringing a whole lot of value to your client’s business, then there’s a sense of it. You can charge higher to the client as long as you have the right skill for the job and bring the best result. Freelancing is not just making and, or having more money online, it’s the relationship between the client and the freelancer of how we value their business, what can we contribute to them and how can we help their growing business by offering the services we have.

What can you say to the freelancers to show up to their clients?

Do not jump up to the skill you are not into. Focus and choose what was really most interesting to you. Go deeper into the niche so you will be productive. Value your client, keep your mindset, talk to the client, find out their problem and offer your service.


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